Monday, 11 February 2013

Plans are afoot

Big life changes are around the corner for me. And, in light of this, I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported The Quizzical Owl from the beginning.

It's hard to believe that The Quizzical Owl began more than a year ago when I arrived home from London. Of course, the business in Australia really began with The Bothered Owl in London and my partnership with my friend Sarah. I had such a great time running that business with her in London for two years, that I had to do it again when I came home. I feel that The Bothered Owl gave me incredible start in the crafty business world. I learnt a huge amount that I've been able to channel into my new venture.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to run my own business here in Australia. There are plenty of creative people out there, and to be part of that community is amazing. I've enjoyed the past 16 months, it's been a wild ride. And, I've got some big plans (and some small ones) for the next few years too.

In the short term, I need to be realistic. I will be having a baby sometime in the next few weeks. As of today, I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Doctors don't like you to go more than 10 days overdue. In light of this, I will be a mum sometime in the next 22 days. I think I'm ready for this. (Ha, too bad if I'm not, right??).

In the slightly longer term, once I've established a new routine with the Small Person, I'll be back attending markets. I've already booked The Quizzical Owl into the weekend extravaganza that is Supanova Gold Coast. This will take place on April 20 and 21. (And yes, I'm already plotting what I'll be able to dress our Small Person in!!) I've really enjoyed the last three Supanovas I've attended. They're full of costumed, passionate people, who are out to have a fabulous time. This week I've taken delivery of some fabulous new Lego bits and pieces. I can't wait to show you what I'll get up to with these!

I'm also going to return to doing the BrisStyle markets. I've raved about BrisStyle before, and I can't speak highly enough of them. This year, there's big plans afoot to hold a regular indoor city market from May. This is very exciting. The renovations at Brisbane's City Hall are nearly complete, and the markets will be taking place at City Hall from May. Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the renovations look in that lovely old building (and I can't wait to go up the clock tower again!). Having a centrally-located market in the city centre is really exciting, and I can't wait to check out the first one.

This year I'd also like to offer a yarn club to knitters/crocheters. There are still a lot of details to work out - such as yarn bases, skein size, costs, etc. But, I'm hoping to get this up and running in the next few months. I was a part of a couple of yarn clubs while living in the UK, and it was always exciting opening up my monthly parcels to see what delights awaited me! I'm keen to offer something slightly different with regard to this yarn club idea. My thoughts so far are having a themed club, or perhaps offering a package deal which would include yarn, stitch markers, and a project bag - again probably with a theme. Of course, I'm open to suggestions! If you'd like a particular theme, or maybe have an idea of what kind of yarn bases I should be offering, please comment below. I'm really keen to hear your thoughts.

If there is anything else you would like to see The Quizzical Owl offer in 2013 (and beyond!) please let me know. If you'd like to comment, please do so below. Otherwise, send me an email

Here's to a happy and successful 2013 - for all of us!

Alex :-)

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