Wednesday, 26 October 2011


On the weekend of the 4-6th of November The Quizzical Owl will be attending Supanova.

Supanova is an Australian Film and Comic Convention held in different parts of the country. In November it will be in Brisbane at the RNA Showgrounds.

As The Bothered Owl we did a couple of Film and Comic Shows and they were always a lot of fun. If you have never been to one then click here to read about what we wrote at the time.

At these shows it is fun to be able to wander around and see all of the activity in the various areas. There are competitions, areas for autographs, dealers selling every imaginable collectable character, and comic artists who will happily sell you a print of their latest amazing drawing. At Supanova there will even be a wrestling area! I can only guess what will be going on there, and will have to take a peek for myself! I am sure that we will take lots of photos of the event and share them with you both here and on our Facebook page.

If you'll be there, please stop by and say hello. :-)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Saturday the 22nd October was the event Jam'n'Beats at the Greenslopes Bowls Club. I'd seen on Facebook that an old work friend (who now makes jewellery) was attending. The bowls club is close to home, and it seemed like a good event to debut The Quizzical Owl!

Jam'n'Beats was an all ages event with music, dance displays, bongo drums and a few market stalls out on the bowling green. The event started at 4pm, but didn't really start to get busy until after 6. There were plenty of happy people, out enjoying the music, and who squealed appropriately at my Lego jewellery.

We'd gone out and purchased a gazebo because the weather looked decidedly dodgy. It was windy and sprinkled on us at one point. At one point I thought the gazebo would take off, but we weighed the poles down with bricks (we couldn't use the tent pegs as we were on the bowling green itself). The tablecloth also blew all over the place, but we pinned it under the table legs.

There were also some fire twirlers. They were amazing to watch. I tried to take some photos, but they probably don't do them justice.

All in all, a fun evening.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vogue Knitting Live

While we were in Los Angeles, Vogue Knitting Live just happened to be on at the Hyatt Regency Century City. I swear I didn't plan it that way. Honest!

Knitted glass! Amazing :-)

We met up with a friend Ruth (RockandPurl) who had flown over from the UK specifically for the event and we delivered a gorgeous Pan Am bag for her from Washington DC. Ruth also showed me how to do the kitchener stitch so I was able to finish off the socks that I had been knitting for Scott. Thank you very much for showing me this and the awesome cheat sheet :-).

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time wandering around the marketplace. Both Scott and I were surprised at the amount of non-wool based yarn that was available. Some of the recycled materials used in the yarns looked fantastic. There was wool, nylon, soy fibre, bamboo, Tencel, and cotton.

The Fickle Knitter's stall

We follow the Fickle Knitter on Twitter and it was lovely to meet her. We had a chat, and I snaffled her last skein of yarn in a beautiful grey with purple accents. The yarn was straight Tencel, which I hadn't seen in the UK before. I also bought a shawl pattern from her. I'm determined to knit a shawl.

My next purchase was a bag from Namaste.A girl can never have too many handbags, right? And this one was very useful for the travel home, and I have not stopped using it yet. And it's red! I love red. I got this bag: click here for picture!

I also chatted with Anna Hrachovec from MochiMochiland who writes knitting patterns for tiny, tiny things! I'd seen her on Twitter and some of her work before. She had a knitted display with her, which was amazing. She has talent. I bought one of her books while I was chatting to her as I really want to knit some of her miniature items. They look like a lot of fun to knit, and most of them you can do in sock yarn, which I have a lot of.

From Vogue Knitting Live we went straight to LAX to catch our flight home. We had done some repacking in the hotel lobby to fit in all of our purchases. We must have looked as though we had bought half the marketplace trying to repack the 4 bags that we had for the flight back to Brisbane.