Sunday, 19 June 2011

Time is counting down

This week we reached another couple of milestones before our return to Brisbane. I officially resigned from my job this week. I made my work aware that I was leaving a while ago so that they would have plenty of time to find a replacement. This week though I handed in my written resignation and will finish at the end of July.

Further steps have been taken towards setting up The Quizzical Owl and we have decided that we will be opening the online store on 1 October 2011. We have a domain name and are looking to get someone to write a webpage for us that will hopefully be ready at this time as well. Things on this front are moving along steadily which is excellent news.

Preparations for the final event as The Bothered Owl continue apace, Alex and Sarah are making lots of bags and needle rolls and Alex has made lots of stitch markers for the event.

Preparations for the travel that we are planning on doing before arriving back in Australia are continuing and I will write a substantial blog post on this when everything is closer to being finalised. Suffice it to say that we are both very excited by the places that we are travelling to.

Both Alex and I are getting excited about taking Sarah's children to Legoland Windsor. We are going with friends who also have two children who are a little bit older than Esme and Orlaith. I am not sure who is looking forward to it more the adults or the children. Photos from the day out will be on the blog next week.