Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fibre East

On the weekend immediately after Knit Nation another fibre event was held. This time it was outside of London, and held on a farm, rather than in a university. Logically, this would suit a fibre event, right?

The farm had two large marquees set up for the stallholders, and there were shearing demonstrations as well. Apparantly, if you got in quick enough, you could have picked your fleece right off the sheep's back, watch him or her being shorn, then take home the fleece! That's pretty amazing.

The night before we stayed with Sarah Jane and Chris who were volunteering on the Sunday morning. While we were there we swapped mini skeins while Scott had a go at spinning for the first time. This is the result of Scott's first attempt at spinning. This is something that he will try again when we move back to Australia before going out and look at spinning wheels.

Scott and I thoroughly enjoyed the Fibre East event. We were there from start to finish, as we were there from 9:30ish with Sarah and Chris. There was a great range of vendors - people selling fibre, tools, hand dyed yarn, fleece, bags, lamps and spinning wheels. There were sellers there who I'd never heard of which was fantastic.

All in all a lovely day catching up with old yarny friends, stroking lovely yarns, and enjoying the fresh air.