Monday, 4 June 2012

QSWFA Open Day

The Queensland Spinners, Weavers, and Fibre Artists have an Open Day every year. I was invited to have a stall by the lovely Vicki, who I met through Ravelry.

I was really excited about having a stall there, as I would be able to sell my Fyberspates yarn there, as well as the pattern books.  I am not able to sell these items at the BrisStyle markets (which are handmade only markets).

I dyed up a storm - I bought in new yarn from Mr Wool, bought new dye colours, and worked my magic. I was absolutely thrilled with the comments I received at the show about my dyeing technique and the colours I produced (that I was very talented, and had an excellent eye for colour). It's incredibly satisfying after creating new colourways, and presenting them to the public on a market stall, to have compliments on the items I have made. It's really rewarding. I already love what I do, but it's made that much more special when somebody at a market stall picks up something I have made and smiles.

We had a wonderfully successful day at the Open Day. We made the most of our stall space, which was along a fence outside the QSWFA's building in Auchenflower, Brisbane. I was really happy to be able to use my great-grandmother's suitcase to hold my Fyberspates yarn. I loved having a connection to her.

I'm now a member of QSWFA. Their next event in their Christmas Fair, which I'm really looking forward to. :-)

The Quizzical Owl enjoying the morning sunshine

Fyberspates yarn in my great-grandmother's suitcase <3
My hand-dyed yarns

The view down from our stall

The QSWFA's store - The Emporium. Yum!

Alex :-)