Thursday, 8 March 2012

Shop Update - Lego Stitch Markers and Fimo Stitch Markers

Hi everyone

It's been a busy few weeks at The Quizzical Owl. I've started working full time again. It's a temporary role in Brisbane's CBD. We have also had a few problems with our Internet connection which means that there has been no shop updates in a while.

We attended the first BrisStyle market of the year on Friday 24th February. It was absolutely bucketing down, but we were lucky to be moved up to the deck in King George Square so we were high and dry. I sold my first skein of my hand dyed yarn, which was very exciting! More about this in the next blog post.

Speaking of all things knitting, we've done a shop update. You'll now find all manner of Lego and Fimo stitch markers in our shop by clicking here.

Check out the markers - there's cake, fruit, biscuits and donuts, and the best thing is? They're calorie free! :-)
Fruit Stitch Markers

Savoury Stitch Markers
Cake Stitch Markers

The Lego markers include everything from swords, hats, sextants and bats. As well as the very popular Lego Head Stitch Markers in three different varieties.

Horror Movie Stitch Markers
Lego Head Stitch Markers

It's great working full time, but it really does eat into my week!

Happy knitting everyone!