Sunday, 3 July 2011

Legoland Windsor

On Saturday we took Sarah’s two girls to Legoland Windsor. They had stayed with us the previous night in the ‘magic bed’ on the Friday night as we were leaving very early on the Saturday. The ‘magic bed’ is our fold out sofa bed because it magically appears out of the sofa.

Arriving at Windsor there were some difficulties getting from the station to Legoland. The reason for this was a march for Armed Forces Day and the signage at the bus stop advising of delays was non-existent. After an hour and seeing the road closed and the march go past we decided to jump in a cab which the girls enjoyed just so that we could get there sooner. I have to say the girls were extremely well behaved through all of this frustration.

Arriving at Legoland the queues were not too horrendous, Esme had fallen asleep in the cab and was napping on Scott’s shoulder. We got into the parkland and took the Hill Train down to The Land of the Pharaohs where we met Paul, Justine, Tay and Alyssa. Everyone got along very well throughout the day. It was amusing when Orlaith and Alyssa stood side by side they were the same height even though Orlaith is 5 and Alyssa is nearly 8. Tay and Alyssa were very sweet and really looked out for both Orlaith and Esme. 

The first ride that we went on was the Orient Express where we got a little bit wet, this wasn’t a bad thing as it woke Esme up and she suddenly realised that we had actually arrived at Legoland. We also went on the new submarine ride which was amazing. You ride in a submarine and go around an aquarium. None of us expected there to be live fish in the water, all we expected was Lego sculptures, so to see live fish was stunning and a nice surprise.

We next moved onto the dino safari, which the girls loved as Esme got to pretend that she was driving and Orlaith loves everything to do with dinosaurs. Then Scott and Esme went and drove the boats and Orlaith went in the boat with Tay and Paul. Scott bumped into the back of Paul and Orlaith’s boat a bit hard and he was trying to blame it on Esme but Esme thought that it was very funny.



Tay and Alyssa then went to do the Driving School which was for children over 6 so Esme, Orlaith and I went to Duplo City where they went into the water feature. They had an absolute blast. All they wanted to do was get wet – and get wet they did. They ran around and around the water play area, through sprinklers and fountains, puddles and hopping on and off Duplo animals. 

Everyone else went to ride on the Viking Rapids which meant that Esme went to play in the Wendy House and then wandered around Mini Land. Mini Land lived up to its name. It was an area within the park with scale models of world landmarks. There was Amsterdam with canals, boats that travelled around the canals, the typical houses (the same houses we have adorning our fridge). The landmarks were phenomenal. The detail on them was incredible! Moving trains, almost perfect replicas of the buildings and tiny people, all made from Lego. 

Esme and I then headed back up the hill on the Hill Train (as she’d been asleep on the way down and missed the journey entirely). We met everyone else in the shop. The girls did some shopping. We did some shopping. And then began our very long journey back to London. We were all utterly exhausted by the time we got the girls home. I think their faces were sore from smiling so much. They had a great day, and so did we. 

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