Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hand Dyed Yarn Shop Update

Over the past few weeks, The Quizzical Owl has attended several great events. I made sure that I had loads of hand dyed yarn available for these events.

It's sometimes a bit of a gamble to bring a specialised item to a general craft market. But, there are more and more knitters out there! Knitting is one of those hobbies that you can pick and at any time, and come back to even if you stopped a while ago. I love being able to introduce people to new yarns - other than those available at the larger craft chains. And yarns in unique colourways that they will be able to make lovely items from. It makes me happy to see my customers happily stroking the yarn, looking intently at the colours.

(And yes, I'm one of those knitters that sniffs skeins of yarns at knitting shows or in shops. There, I've said it.)

I've listed all the remaining skeins of hand dyed yarns on my website. You'll find a few on my Etsy shop as well.

Here are a few teasers to get you in the mood...

Happy knitting/crocheting/crafting!

Alex :-) 

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