Friday, 10 August 2012

Ambifair - The Event

Last weekend The Quizzical Owl attended Ambifair which was held in Ambiwerra Sports Ground and is the annual fundraiser for St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School.
The event was held on an absolutely gorgeous Brisbane Winter’s day. There was an excellent turnout for the event of which the highlights were a battle of the bands, some amazing dancing, a fashion platter competition and acrobatic demonstrations. 
With two people on the stall it is always enjoyable to be able to wander around and check out some of the events that are going on and the quality of the work that the students had put into their performances was certainly on show.
Having lived in London for 7 years, Scott was very excited to have found a pair of cufflinks with parts of the London Tube Map inside. The tube map is such an iconic image for anyone who has travelled and lived in London and it is always nice to find an unusual collectible to bring back some of those memories.

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  1. glad Scott loved the cuffs Alex, your photos are great ~ anita