Sunday, 19 February 2012

Work in Progress - Bobby's Garden Blanket

I have recently started knitting Bobby's Garden Blanket. It is a project I can pick up at any time depending on how busy I am and what else I am knitting. This is a project that I am doing on 2.75mm double pointed needles. Even though it is at an early stage it is large enough to showcase.

I started the project on 4mm needles but decided that I was not happy with how tight the stitches were and so decided to use smaller needles. At the moment I can still take the project with me in my project bag but soon it will be too big and will be a project that I can only work on at home.

This blanket is something that I have been wanting to do for quite a while. I began knitting a sock yarn blanket using squares, but I prefer the geometry of the hexagons. For anyone who has small amounts of leftover yarn from other projects, this project is a fantastic way to use up those small amounts. I have been very careful to try and coordinate the colours of the yarn that I use for each hexagon so that the colours flow.

 The knitting needle placed across these two pictures is 20cm long.

What's on your needles? Any long term projects like this one?


  1. De-lurking... That looks a few levels up from my skill set! Lovely. Right now a very basic rainbow baby blanket that was a kit impulse buy at a craft show. Biggan design yarn is just so lovely and the colours bright and happy. One day soon... a shawl.

    1. If you can knit, k2tog, ssk and pick up stitches you can make this blanket. Honestly!

  2. I might be weird, but it looks like lots of flattened out sock toes! (I mean, if you do a 'star toe') And I love that.