Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas is Coming!!

As the title of this blog post suggests Christmas is not very far away. In fact it is only 37 days away. This Saturday is the first market in the lead up to Christmas and it will be a busy period. We will be at quite a few markets and the list is available from our website. This will be updated with any other markets that The Quizzical Owl will be at.

Two of the markets that I am doing are twilight markets and have bought some fairy lights and Chinese style lanterns for the stall. I will experiment with these lights to see if they will be bright enough.

Today I got some very useful tips on taking product photos as product photos are very different from other types of photography. I have also built my own lightbox which I am very proud of and will be using this to take stock photos over the next few days.

I made some gorgeous bunting to go on the stall for The Bothered Owl and I am very pleased to say that one of my achievements this week has been to make some more for The Quizzical Owl stall. I like bunting and think it is an excellent way to add some colour to a market stall.

Tomorrow I will be dropping some stock off for sale at the Collective Store in Wynnum. This is the first shop that our stock will be displayed and sold in which I am very excited about. This is a very eclectic boutique with lots of local artists and designers selling their items in the store.

The work on the website is continuing. There are now a number of keyrings uploaded which allowed me to get used to uploading stock and using the stock management features of the site. I have also decided to test the Facebook shop function of Create which they released today. If you go onto our Facebook page you will see an icon that says shop and you can buy straight from the Create shop.

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